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Essential information for customers about our services

If you are an IBO and your customer has any questions, please ask your customer to contact us directly. Due to legal obligations, we can only provide answers to the customer who the contract is with. Thank you.


If you are a JOi customer and have any questions, please click on the JOi Customer chat button. 
JOi Customer Chat
JOi Multiplay

✓ contact JOi 7 days a week between 8:00 and 00:00 for free by calling 800622172
✓ send regular mail to: Avenida de la Vega, 15, 28108 Alcobendas (Madrid)

*IBOs should not contact JOi Multiplay Customer Service under any circumstances,
this number is only for Customers. The Customer Service will only provide information to the owner of the contract.

Postal address
(ordinary and certified mail)

ACN Marketing y Servicios de Telecomunicaciones España, S.L.

Calle Suero de Quiñones 34-36, 1P,

28002 Madrid,